Friday, August 6, 2010

moving.......or not??

there might be something new...
about writing blog..
i might get myself a partner....
a photographer in d blog-sphere...

should i move out from blogspot to maybe, wordpress??

i've no idea...

but then again, i hope this time i am determined to update n write frequently...
something that i can work forward on...something of my very own...

Monday, August 31, 2009

back AGAIN

i am sorry for the long MIA.
wouldn't blame if some of you had gone from my blog. =)

will try update more often now.
forgive me for ignoring my writing-self..

just put it this way, I was busy adapting to a different phrase in life-- having another person around to stick through thick and thin. let's just name him Pups.

I just officially got my diving license.
went to Tioman for that during the Merdeka wknd.

the next time i write, most prolly i would include more pictures now that I've Pups that snaps away.

to be continued

dizzy & drowsy now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

at the wrong time

you know it's at the wrong time when u catch the airport looking as empty as this 5 minutes before boarding.

No kudos for guessing where we were heading back then. it was a country in chaos back then


it's really that bad =)

It's a lonely flight.

nah. your riot. my welcome

me and my bitch. fug life. for once

more later. internet connection sucks right now. uploading photos take ages.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sugar barley in a random mumbling

i am going on a trip in less than a week.

i still can't figure out how to breathe properly underwater.

Life is solemn.


maybe. let's hope for the best.
there could be sparks in the life now. probably. must be. will be.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our V dae

My brother won a free Valentine's dinner at Shivz in Bangsar Baru from Voizce Valentine Contest.

But everything was last minute.

i was telling Batu bout how i should spend my V's day at home, refrain from all the lovey dovey stuff and watched re-runs of Texas chainsaw till i puke. in the end, everything was unexpected.

where to get a dining partner?
aha...黄色い花JASMINE黄色い花~~ to celebrate single-hood.

According to the owner, the restaurant is less-than-a-month years old. we were the earliest desperado waiting for our dinner.


dark ambiance. candle-light. langsung not for us the only two girls there.

her drink. lime soda. i settled for white wine.


soups (creamy mushroom, and tomato)

salads in dessert cup. fyi, our friend, Jasmine here doesn't do vege. so everything green, pepper-ry, yours truly is responsible to finish them off =)

dory fish in lemon grass (signature dish for the restaurant), and chicken breast in mushroom sauce.

i hate mint. perhaps it's that or the course is coming to an end that we couldn't finish this.

wrapping up with dessert and coffee. the only thing bout this is most probably the half-ed berry on top.
make do with the dark atmosphere and settle for black-white photo.

V's day could be the sweetest day of the year and could be the most sour.

how did you spend the Valentine's day?


we rush through our 6-courses meal to meet-up with 黄色い花Mr. Woei Tatt黄色い花
After fine dining, we decided to dropby (literally cause I need his help to get home) Cheras.
and I was too tipsy to remember the name of the restaurant.
my vivid memory tells me it sounds something like "Gillie".
All I could remember is it's at a corner and it took me some stumbling with the help of Jasmine to get there.

Him and his school-boy look. skipped class yet we came late.

The sick guy managed to play the part of a gentleman and bought both of us flowers.

the ever-complying sugar. upon request, posing happily w my flower.

虹虹虹us. my favourite of all虹虹虹

and to end off

Yours truly,

a toast to singlehood.

p/s: on a totally unrelated note, i love Exile and decided i'll put their songs for next V's day.